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Notice: Website in updating, Ultra slim touch screen monitors info had listed in web

Ultra slim touch screen monitors info had  compelet to list. welcome to get the touch screen monitors info  from: . And, other info and data are comming soon! Plese keep paying attention with us, we'll show more products info, support and

Five-phases process consists for customer service from annxin technology

Anxin's service with five-phases process consists: Incoming inspection & evaluation
Preliminary service report & quotation for any non-warranty items
Completion of authorized repairs
24-hour Power-on burn-in & test
Final inspection / Return shipping to customer Warranty

Hot-sale touch screen industrial monitor from annxin

Hot-sale industrial lcd touch screen monitor: Welcome to download industrial lcd touch screen monitor catalog(PDF file) Hit the below link to Download: Ultra slim touch screen monitor series.PDF    File Size:851KB Includes the model No: IDM-08,IDM-10,IDM-12,IDM-15,IDM-17,IDM-19
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