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Anxin's rack-mount monitors soulutions

Rack-mount monitors. Rack LCD Consoles feature an ultra thin LCD screen and touch screen, compact design.    A rack mount monitor is a rugged display normally used with an industrial computer, though it can be used to display a video image from just about any video source. The

Anxin's industrial monitors are widely applied in industrial control process or equipment's monitor

Anxin's industrial monitors with touch screen are widely used in industrial control process or equipment touch screen monitor. It and civil or commercial touch screen monitor of the main difference is the shell design generally use all steel design, the panel is divided into ordinary iron, stainless

Anxin industrial panel pc( atom N270) upgrade to Atom dual-core D525 1.8G CPU

 Anxin atom N270 industrial panel pc with touch screen and update to Atom dual-core D525 1.8G CPU. Note: The Atom N270, P series Panel PC are no longer to provide. Touch screen, 8~22" LCD, panel computer with high performances are for industrial automation applications, Intel Atom D525
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