15 inch Panel Mount Monitor and Industrial Touch Screen

15 inch Panel Mount Monitor APPLICATIONS :

Embedded display Unit

Industrial automation LCD panel

Gaming, lottery & amusement display

Touch screen display panel

Kiosks, arcade games, Hospitality Display, ATM Machines

Aviation simulators, Industrial test equipment, and Instrumentation



15 inch Panel Mount Monitor DISPLAY BENEFITS :
15" LCD with resolution 1024 x 768
Rugged construction against external impact
Protective 3mm glass

15 inch Panel Mount Monitor 0PTIONS :
S-Video + BNC & Audio
15" Touchscreen : Capacitive, Resistive
48V, 24V or 12VDC power
Embedded display Unit
Industrial automation LCD panel
Gaming, lottery & amusement display
Touch screen display panel
Kiosks, arcade games, Hospitality Display, ATM Machines
Aviation simulators, Industrial test equipment, and Instrumentation