Five-phases process consists for customer service from anxin Intelligent technology

Anxin's service with five-phases process consists:

Incoming inspection & evaluation
Preliminary service report & quotation for any non-warranty items
Completion of authorized repairs
24-hour Power-on burn-in & test
Final inspection / Return shipping to customer

Warranty Service Information
Quick, efficient warranty service.

Following our incoming inspection and evaluation, warranty repairs are completed without delay. Repaired systems are then inspected and moved directly into our 24-hour power-on burn-in process.

Upon completion of the 24-hour burn-in process, each system receives a final quality inspection and is then promptly prepared for return shipping to the customer's location.
Non-warranty Service Information
Quick, efficient out-of-warranty service.

Based on the results of our incoming inspection for out-of-warranty, our Service Depot generates a preliminary Service Report along with a quotation for any non-warranty items required to complete the repairs.

The service process and materials are staged pending customer approval and receipt of customer's Purchase Order. Once repair services have been completed, systems are inspected and moved into our 24-hour power-burn-in process. Upon completion, each system receives a final quality inspection and is then processed for prompt return to the customer's location.