Network hardware platforms appliance use latest chips for Linux, fedora, CentOS, kernel2, Endian, pfSense, ubuntu

With the rapid developing of network chips,  all the network hardware platform had update to latest chips, components. And support latest higher performance CPU. To satisfy more and higher network application's requirements.There are 4~32Gbe (RJ45 or SFP) firewall hardware appliances (1u or 2u height)

3 solutions 1u/2u/desktop network appliances for network applicaitons

Anxin intelligent has 3 solution network hareware appliances: 1u/2u/desktop network appliances for network applicaitons such as utm, firewall, vpn, ips, ids, Load balancing, traffic confrol , gateway etc. 

1. J1900 with 6 Intel I211-at controllers2. Based on Intel H110 chipset socket

Multi-touch display solution for more industrial monitor project application.

Anxin multi touch displays equiped 6mm rugged aluminum bezel panel and Rugged construction and catapacitive touch screens.  Main applications for project in HMI, Kiosk, Automation, M2M, IOT system,Robots, shopping mall, Restaurant etc. The screen feature is A level:
Transmittance (T%) >85%Haze

2018 new Industrial 1u network appliance H110 chipset LGA1151 socket

1U network security system now upgraded with the 5/6th generation Intel Core processors (codenamed Kaby Lake). Depending on the SKUs, there are various Ethernet connectivity options available. This high performance and I/O rich appliance is developed for network traffic security, cloud computing and

1u 2u network appliance for advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms

Anxin provides 1U and 2U rackmount network appliances with extremely powerful Intel® processors for demanding network applications. There are also extra redundancy features like hot-swappable system fans and multiple Ethernet module bays for flexible port configuration. These appliances are ideal for
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