Rackmountable 6.4, 8, 15, 17, 19, 20 inch and larger TFT LCD monitors

When you need a rackmount monitor, try one of Anxin's cost-effective rackmount monitor.  We have designed and fabricated the largest selection of LCD monitor rackmount kits for the VESA-standard rackmountable 6.4 ,8,15", 17", 19", 20" and larger TFT LCD monitors.  By using our kit, you get to use a monitor that best fits your requirements.  Anxin even offer an one-time free exchange or upgrade to a new rackmount kit design within 3-year of purchase when you upgrade to a new monitor.

Anxin's RCIM-15 is the most versatile rackmount kit.   As long as the monitor's width is less than 15", and the monitor has VESA mounting holes in the back, it can be rackmounted with this kit.  Please scroll down this page to see a design that may fit your application.

Rack mount LCD monitor, 15" TFT LCD, 7U High

15 inch rack mount lcd monitor with touch screen