• 2013 year

    Anxin company of Shenzhen was established. The former name is (Shenzhen Annxin Technology Co.,lTD.) RD and sold industrial computers products. Intel Atom solution's mainboards and whole machines.

  • 2014 year

    Anxin began to provided X86 network appliance for network security. Also RD and developt other industrial computer products, rugged pc and industrial monitor.

  • 2015 year

    RD Intel Haswell  products, network appliance mainboard and new appliances and wireless network appliance products.

  • 2016 year

    Launched Intel Bay Trail network appliance .

  • 2017 year

    Changed company name to Shanghai Anxin Intelligent Co.,ltd. And the headquarter in Shanghai. RD Intel Skylake h110 and C236 products. And launched new industrial computers of panel pc and touch screen monitor.

  • 2018 year

    Launched Intel Skylake h110/C236 products.

  • 2019-2020 year

    Launched sever grade network appliance with server mainboard supports two Xeon E5-2600V3/V4 CPU. Continuously to development new products. And developing and innovating the Industries of Industrial 4.0, network application and IoT Intelligence. 

  • 2021 year

    RD Intel C246 chipset products support Gen9/Gen8 Intel processors.