Industrial monitors used in industrial control process or equipment's monitor

  • Industrial Monitor with Touchscreen
  • Industrial panel monitor
  • Rackmount LCD Monitor
  • Chassis touch panel monitor

Touch panel monitor

1, open industrial monitor

Industrial touch screen monitor is not only the internal surface frame housing, most of the customers, mainly used in equipment and small size have beautiful shell, without too much space to install general touch screen monitor, such as ATM, POS business, generally installed in the customer equipment inside.
2, embedded industry show
Embedded industrial monitor as the name suggests he is embedded into the customer products, customers have a large control cabinet, our embedded industrial monitor is only the panel, the rest are embedded into the customer equipment, back with a hook is fixed ( large control cabinet as long as we embedded touch screen monitor installation drawing in hole size on a large square hole ) without any other place of installation hole.
3, industrial touch screen monitor rack
General type industry such as: touch screen monitor is mounted on the 19 inches of the cabinet, so the width of his are the standard 19 inch, mounting holes according to the standard U number open. General applied in telecommunication, power, large server and other large cabinets used in.

4, the flip type industrial touch screen monitor
Simplicity is reversely on the customer's cabinet and equipment, in the customer equipment installed industrial touch screen monitor, with the open industrial touch screen monitor different is that it has a casing having power, its edge with customer chassis edges coincide, generally used in medium and large equipment, such as electric power, machinery, the medical industry in the.
5, wall-mounted industrial monitor
Characteristic is that it can be hung up, not only is hanging on the wall, most are installed on client devices, it can with the customer's request to adjust the angle, with appropriate mounting arm, he can be stopped at any position, for the user to watch, generally used for small, medium, large equipment.