Mini ITX case for mini itx mainboard

Mini Itx Pc


Place of Origin: China
OEM/ODM accepted

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  • Material Aluminum  Thickness 2.0mm
  • Form Factor MINI-ITX M/B
  • 1*WIFI, 2*COM, SATA+4PIN port.
  • 120W DC-DC Board (LR1005-Q) and 12V/7A AC Adapter
MaterialAluminum Thickness 2.0mm
Form FactorMINI-ITX M/B
HDD1, M/B Height Under 54mm with 1*Expansion    Card , Install 1*3.5"HDD or 1*2.5 "HDD
2, M/B Height Under 54mm without Expansion    Card and CD-ROM , Install 2*3.5"HDD or 2*2.5" HDD
3. M/B Height Under 54mm with Expansion    Card, Install 1*3.5"HDD or 1*2.5 "HDD
Power Supply120W DC-DC Board (LR1005-Q) and 12V/7A AC    Adapter
Basic Assembly InstructionWork Bin and Handle Box
Expansion SlotsHigh-performance half Knife type video card & half    type PCI expansion card.
Other Expansion Item1*WIFI, 2*COM, SATA+4PIN port.
Matching System Fan(Optional)4*8015 Fan
Front Panelwithout
Side panelRight side USB port *2 & Audio port;    Right and left side can install 4*8015 Fan(only install 1*3.5"HDD,1*    Slim CD-ROM and High-performance halfKnife type video card, can install 4*8020 Fan
Dimension245*95*236 mm (W*H*D)
WeightN.W. 1.55KG G.W.2.25KG
ColorWiredrawing Black, Wiredrawing Silver
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MPC-i7Mini ITX case for mini itx mainboard?

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