Nic module LAN card with intel I350AM4 gigabit ethernet controllers

4 Sfp Nic Module


Place of Origin: China
OEM/ODM accepted

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Intel I350AM4 gigabit ethernet controller,  four SFP ports

Intel I/O interface 3.0 version acceleration technology

Supports 9.5KB packet Jumbo Frame

Supports VMDQ1,  Up to 8 virtual hosts per port

DCA Directly access with high speed cache

UDP,  TCP and IP Checksum offload,  UDP and TCP Transmit Segmentation Offload (TSO),  SCTP receive and transmit checksum offload

Supports low power consumption power management in network non-working state

Supports WindowsXP/2003, Windows7, RedHat and SuSE Linux,  Ubuntu,  FreeBSD OS

Operate temperature: 0   to 55  

Typical power: 4.2W 

Intel I350AM4,2 bypass,Intel I350AM4 nic model

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