Two 40G network ports SFP NIC based on Intel XL710 controllers

Nic With 2x 40g Sfp Based Intel Xl710 Controllers


Place of Origin: China
OEM/ODM accepted

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71Q2 2 40G SFP based on Intel XL710 controllers

  • Intel XL710 ethernet controllers, two QSFP+ 40G SFP ports, PCIe3.0x8 bus
  • Network virtualization intelligent offload and acceleration, include VXLAN锛孨VGRE锛孷EPA锛孷EB锛宻upports 128 each device.
  • Provides single and unified network solubtion for LAN network,NAS(SMB,NFS) and SAN(iSCSI, FCoE)
  • Provides hardware application EFD Intel ethernet flow director
  • Uses Intel DPDK software optimization, to achieve superior packet performance, FCoE CRC offload
  • Supports Data Center Bridging (DCB), Supports MSI and IPV6
  • Supports Windows, Linux, FreeBSD OS

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